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Switching To An Electric Car At North Park Volkswagen

Our VW dealership near Austin is committed to helping people better understand the benefits of electric vehicles as they survey our lineup of new Volkswagen EVs for sale in Texas. And once you talk to our VW sales associates, you’ll discover that the reasons to buy a new Volkswagen EV nearby are numerous. From their range and running costs to their advanced standard features, our EVs for sale in San Antonio offer a variety of benefits to North Park Volkswagen shoppers that you won’t want to miss.

Benefits of Buying a New Volkswagen EV near Austin, TX

Low VW EV Running Costs

One of the main reasons to buy an EV is the cost savings you’ll enjoy over the course of ownership. Gas prices have been rising steadily in recent times, and their volatility is costing drivers more at the pump than ever. Electricity, meanwhile, remains affordable: here in San Antonio, the average price of electricity is just 8.47¢/kWh. Even when recharging a fully depleted VW electric car battery, the resulting electricity costs will be far less than the price you’d pay for filling up a gas-powered car.

Excellent VW ID.4 MPGe Efficiency

When you finance a new EV such as the Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV, you’ll find that efficiency is measured by MPGe, a metric that determines how far you can travel in an electric vehicle before using the same amount of energy contained in a gallon of gas. The latest VW ID.4 MPGe ratings are impressive: up to 121 MPGe in city driving and 102 MPGe in highway driving. That means you can travel up 121 miles in a new ID.4 in San Antonio and use the equivalent of just one gallon of gas.

Impressive Volkswagen ID.4 Range

Efficiency goes hand in hand with the VW ID.4 range, which now can reach 280 miles on a full charge. That’s plenty of range for any local driving you might do, and it’s also enough to get you from San Antonio to Austin and back on a single charge. Having this kind of range at your disposal is yet another reason so many local Texas VW fans are choosing to buy a new electric vehicle near Austin rather than a gas-powered model.

Schedule EV Service in San Antonio

Here at our local VW dealership, we’re not just promoting the new ID.4 specs and features in our quest to spread the word about EVs — we’re also doing our part to make the ownership experience seamless and easy. In fact, North Park Volkswagen is the only Category 1 EV dealer in San Antonio. We also have a trained VW EV service team than understands how to maintain an electric vehicle, and customers throughout the region visit our EV battery repair faculty for first-class customer support. To schedule EV service or learn more about why it’s time to buy an electric vehicle nearby, please contact North Park Volkswagen.