Why North Park Volkswagen?

No Hassle Posted Prices

We Feature No Hassle Posted Prices
10 Day Appraisal Guarantee
10 Day Trade Appraisal Guarantee 
Guaranteed 10 Day Trade Appraisal ?
We will turn your trade into cash?
When any one of our 12 Kahlig Auto Group locations (North Park, Bluebonnet, Del Rio) appraise your vehicle, we will buy it for that amount, whether or not you buy from us. Our appraisal is good for 10 days and we pay in cash upon receipt of your ownership documents.
Here?s how it works:
1. Bring your vehicle to any one of our new or pre-owned locations and ask for a trade appraisal.
2. Allow 45 minutes to an hour for our appraiser to physically and mechanically inspect your vehicle.
3. We will provide a complimentary CarFax report on your vehicle at no charge and a written condition report.
4. Our appraiser will check market values of similar vehicles, market conditions, and compare your vehicle?s condition/ options to the market place.
5. At the end of the inspection, our management will provide a written appraisal offer good for 10 days.
6. Vehicle purchase eligibility during the 10 day period is of course, subject to the vehicle being in the same condition and same equipment as it was at the time of inspection, including no more than 1000 additional miles.
7. Our appraiser will provide a document list needed from the owner of the vehicle so we may provide payment.
At Kahlig Auto Group, North Park/ Bluebonnet/ Del Rio dealerships, we stock over 2000 pre-owned cars, giving us the buying power to pay ?top dollar? for your vehicle when you are ready to sell or trade.
48 Hour Return Policy
A Stress Free 48 Hour Return Policy 
Not satisfied with your purchase? Just notify your salesperson or our sales management and we will arrange to repurchase your vehicle, return your trade-in, or find another vehicle that better suits your needs.
It is no hassle and simple, but must follow these conditions to be eligible.
No physical or mechanical damage while in your possession
No vehicle modifications or accessories
Has less than 500 additional miles from date of delivery
Must be returned within 2 business days or 48 hrs from time of delivery
Customer will be refunded all money paid or financed except
- Negative equity and allowance on customer’s trade-in
- In some cases, state sales tax will have to be refunded by state comptroller office.
If applicable, both buyers must execute waiver of release to return vehicle.
All cash sales must allow 24 hrs for refund check.
Vehicle return is not applicable in case of insufficient funds, lack of insurance/ proof of credit worthiness, or fraud.
The Kahlig Auto Group return policy is intended to assist buyers in making a sound, long term purchase decision at any of our 12 locations.
We will buy your vehicle
We'll Buy Your Trade-In Even If You Don't Buy Our Car!

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